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الأربعاء، 11 يناير 2017

Arts, cultures et traditions des habitants du Kef

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A large religious and social complex built in 1784 to serve as the headquarters of the important confraternity of the Rahmaniyyah, it has now been converted into the Regional museum of popular arts and traditions. The museum contains four very interesting rooms devoted to traditional life in city of le Kef (Madinah), and in the little villages of the Upper Tell countryside.

Room No 1: remarkable first of all for the beauty and richness of its decoration, it contains a substantial collection of traditional jewelry, and bridal costumes.

Room No 2: occupying the ancient prayer hall, it displays a full size Bedouin tent with all its attributes and furnishings, the various aspects of agricultural life as well as that of the Upper Tell nomads.

Room No 3: is devoted to village pottery; the collection is outstanding for its curious apparatus to smoke out bees.

Room No 4: arranged in another mausoleum, it is devoted to equestrian art with its various accessories, saddles, guns, dress costumes and headdress.

The museum is in the process of adding new rooms to present complementary themes and these have recently been fitted alit and are already open to the public.

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